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Why Celeb marriages fail?

Many issues that come in a regular marriage also occur in a celeb marriage. However, there are some points which can make celeb marriages

Petition to object celebrity appeals

Recently, a petition has been made in Bombay High Court to stop celebrities going against their conviction and getting a hearing even though there

Sachin Tendulkar joins Swachh Bharat

Sachin Tendulkar joins Swachh Bharat campaign after he has been nominated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi as one of the nine celebrities and

Mammootty’s My Tree Challenge is

Being inspired by Ice bucket Challenge, My Tree Challenge was initiated by actor Mammotty in Kerala on 30 August, 2014 to preserve the nature.

Will Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate

Aamir Khan’s SatyamevJayate third season is going to start from September 21 with new design. The new season is going to have additions of