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Petition to object celebrity appeals

Petition to object celebrity appeals

Recently, a petition has been made in Bombay High Court in order to object to appeals of celebrities, along with actors like Shiney Ahuja and Salman Khan. The petition is made to stop celebrities going against their conviction and getting a hearing even though there are many different convicts waiting endlessly in jail for justice.

The petition has been filed by Shashikala Bhagwan Gangurde. She did so on behalf of her incarcerated husband and several different convicts. Many of these convicts are eagerly waiting in jails for several years to get bail. Most of them struggled hard just to get confirmation that their appeals are listed for final hearing before the High Court.

On July 20, the filed petition will come up for hearing in front of a bench of Justice Ranjit More. In order to support her backing, Gangurde used the case of movie industry actor Shiney Ahuja as example. Ahuja was found guilty in March 2011 with the charges of raping his maid. She said that his appeal has been listed already for final hearing.

The petition has also bought to attention the case of actor Salman Khan who recently received a sentence of 5 years jail term in a hit-and-run case. During this, there was one person who was killed and 4 others injured. The petition put forth the allegation that Salman’s appeal too has been listed before his turn for the hearing.

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