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PM tells judiciary not to get complacent

PM tells judiciary not to get complacent

PM Narendra Modi has issued a strong message to judges asking them to not get complacent as no one will question the judges. The message was mainly aimed at those serving in Supreme Court and High court. He stated that they are not under constant observation like politicians.

The PM continued the comments which could trigger yet one more round of executive-judiciary confrontation, the Prime Minister stated he was also of the view that courts should limit themselves to delivering judgments which are based on the Constitution and law, and refrain from perception-based judgements, as perceptions are usually driven by five-star activists.

Modi further added that “You shall not just be powerful but also perfect. Only then you can stand up to the expectation of the people” while he was addressing the joint conference of the chief ministers and chief justices of all states in the Capital.

He stated that they (the political class), the community to which he belongs is concerned about what was not even considered for gossip column 10 years back by editors has now become breaking news.

“But nobody questions the judges”, he said. He advised that the judiciary system should have an internal mechanism for self-assessment.

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