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Will Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate bring change in Social Issues in India?

Will Aamir Khan’s SatyamevJayate bring change in Social Issues in India?

Aamir Khan’s SatyamevJayate third season is going to start from September 21 with new design. The new season is going to have additions of celebrities who talk on various issues in India and live interactions with the audiences using several social media like Facebook and Twitter. This edition highlights various social issues predominant in India and possible solutions for them.

The duration of season 3 will be two and a half hours out of which one hour will be exclusively dedicated for live interactions with audiences. It will have six episodes. The makers released three trailers in this context. The first video is the story of women who have been victims of domestic violence.

The next video is about a former alcoholic, who would beat up his wife and children. And the last video is about child abuse. Though most of the social issues are prevalent in India for many years, they have not been changed, it is hoped at least the talking of celebrities would change the attitudes of some people and put a stop to these problems.

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