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How Career aspects changed in 2014

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A new year has come which also means that another year has passed away. Many business traditions have started and many perspectives begun. If you are starting your career it is better for you to know the new trends that came up.

Younger people are getting promoted too – Gone are the days when experience mattered more than anything to get promoted. These days businesses are promoting young people who are talented. Managers are getting younger and younger these days.

Internships – Many companies are investing in interns a lot these days. The internship offers across companies has increased by 20 percent from 2013 to 2014. This is a great news for students.

Change in gender ratios – More women are getting employed these days. This is a great news for women who have goals and jobs. The new company act implemented in 2014 has mandated woman directors for mid and large sized firms.

Increased entrepreneurship – In India, many middle class families consider this a very bad option for students. The focus has always been on secure high paying jobs. However the trend has shifted and there has been a huge increase in entrepreneurship. Many investors are now investing in budding entrepreneurs. If you had goals and dreams of your own entrepreneurship, now is a great time.

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