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Blue Whale Challenge – suicide inducing game

Blue Whale Challenge – suicide inducing game

Blue Whale Challenge is a game which creates mania among teenagers and youth. This psychotic game hypnotizes is meant to lead youth to commit suicide.

There are have been reports of incidences in India where several children and youth fell prey into this ugly game.

These reports claim that not just normal children, but even the students studying professional courses like MBBS and Engineering are also becoming victims.

Due to many allegations of experts, government says that it will ban this deadly game by preventing the links.

Many companies like Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Yahoo etc. are asked to stop the game links by the government.

Yet it cannot be banned really as several people claim that there are no specific links to play this game and it is not publicly available to be downloaded.

The Blue Whale Challenge is played by a person by following instructions from “curators” of the game. Some curators intentionally send the tasks via social media by targeting teenagers. Moreover, it is prevalent and is being distributed among the groups secretly with a different name. Hence, banning the game is not as easy as it seems.

In this situation, parents can follow certain precautions and save their children.

Since, the target is tweens and teens, monitor your child very carefully especially if he/she falls in the age group.

Talk to your child regularly and observe behavioral changes if any. You must also closely notice any mood swings or unusual changes in his/her behavior.

Keep an eye on your child’s activities and also arrange parental control on all devices he or she uses.

If you happen to find out that your child is playing this games, stop his/her internet activity to play the game. Seek professional help and psychological counseling to help your child’s behavior and pull them out of it.

Inform to the police and seek suggestions for additional safety measures if you need.

Talk to your child’s teachers regularly to check his/her behavior in the school. Observe your child’s friends as well.

You can also contact NIMHANS, AASRA, SAATH, ICALL, CHILD LINE, ROSHNI and others that are given here.

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