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Rahul Srivasthav Peddi: From Chessboard to Youth Summit 2024

Rahul Srivasthav Peddi: From chessboard to Youth Summit 2024

With a renewed interest in chess among India’s youth, players like Rahul Srivasthav Peddi are making a global mark.

India’s 74th Grandmaster and Telangana’s fourth, Rahul will soon tackle a new challenge at the Youth Summit 2024, organized by the World Bank Group in Washington DC on May 30-31.

He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Finance and Economics at the University of Texas in Dallas. 

Starting his chess journey at six, Rahul owes his introduction to the game to his mother, Vijaya Lakshmi P., who saw it as a productive hobby.

Within months, Rahul showed remarkable progress, winning tournaments rapidly. 

His father, Srikanth Peddi, a chess and cricket enthusiast, supported his daily practice.

Rahul’s significant achievements include winning the Washington Open and podium finishes at the World Open and Philadelphia Open.

Achieving the Grandmaster title in 2022, Rahul overcame significant hurdles, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

He began practising to improve his game. This mindset shift was crucial for his growth.

With a FIDE rating of 2452, Rahul currently ranks 1073rd globally and 67th in India. 

He trained under noted coaches like Murli Krishna Gangaraju, NVS Ramaraju, and Dutch GM Sipke Ernst. 

His mother, Vijaya, accompanied him to most tournaments, using psychological strategies to help him cope with losses.

During the pandemic, Rahul recognized the importance of balancing studies with chess, securing a full scholarship to his university. 

Inspired by peers, he focused on his academic and chess careers simultaneously.

Rahul hopes for better support from the Telangana government, similar to what Tamil Nadu offers its chess players.

He is currently training with GM Julio Sadorra at his university. His mother emphasizes that many players come from middle-class backgrounds and require government support. 

She said that Rahul had not received the GM reward of around ₹4 lakhs. His mother stressed that more players would emerge if the Telangana government provided proper support like Tamil Nadu.

Image Credit: Bin im Garten, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Image Reference: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Chess_board_with_chess_set_in_opening_position_2012_PD_01.jpg

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