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Birthstone for each month

Birthstone for each month

It is a wide and popular belief that birthstone can bring you luck. There are different birthstones assigned to different birth months. Here is the guide for birthstones.

Those born in January

For those born in January, the red garnet is their birthstone. Garnets come in many colors like, green, black, and many shades of orange and red. The stone symbolizes faith, love and constancy.

Those born in February

The amethyst is the birthstone for February. The stone is a symbol of strong relationships and courage.

Those born in March

For those born in March, their birthstone is the aquamarine. The pale blue aquamarine gemstones are associated with good health, youth, love and hope.

For those born in April

The diamond is the birthstone for April born people. The diamond is the symbol of purity, innocence, eternity and courage.

Those born in May

Those who are born in May, are said to get good luck from emerald. Emeralds are known to be favorite of Cleopatra herself. They symbolize fertility, rebirth, and love.

Those born in June

The pearl is the birthstone for June. The stone is a symbol of love, innocence, purity, and femininity. Pearl is said to bring calmness to a restless mind and control anger.

Those born in July

Those born in July have the deep red ruby as their birthstone. Red rubies are associated with harmony, peace, strength and nobility of character.

Those born in August

For August, the birthstone is peridot. It symbolizes strength.

Those born in September

Sapphire is the birthstone of September. It is the symbol of dignity, loyalty, serenity, faith, purity and wisdom.

Those born in October

The many-hued opal is October’s birthstone. It is said to cause imagination, inspiration, originality, and creativity.

For November born people

Topaz is the stone of November born people. It is the symbol of compassion, kindness, and empathy.

For December born people

Turquoise is the stone of December. It is a symbol of good fortune and success.

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