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Beware of Joker Malware

Beware of Joker Malware

Smartphone users download multiple apps on their devices. But, not all apps are safe. Joker app is one among them, which is harmful and affects Android devices. It steals the data of users and collects their personal details like phone database, device information, SMS and OTPs. Cyber experts warn to be cautious about the app, as it can bypass the security norms of the Google Play Store by altering its code, execution methods etc.

Recently, Quick Heal Security Labs warned that Joker malware is back. Their research showed that the Joker malware affected eight applications on the Google Play Store.

These eight apps are Auxiliary Message, Free CamScanner, Fast Magic SMS, Super SMS, Super Message, Go Messages, Element Scanner, and Travel Wallpapers.

Google Play Store removed all these apps. Experts recommended deleting these apps if anyone already installed them on their phones.

If you want to uninstall the app, go to the Play Store and search for the app. Click on ‘Uninstall’ on the app page to remove the app. Alternatively, you can press the app icon for a few seconds to uninstall it.

Though Google Play Store removes infected apps from time to time, the Joker app keeps coming back to the Play Store after a few months.

In this context, you need to follow regular security measures prescribed by cyber experts to keep your mobile phone safe from malware.

Before downloading an app, check app ratings and reviews. Do not download it if you see several complaints or bad reviews about the app.

Sometimes, fake reviews are available about the app even though its performance is not good. In such cases, find out the ratings of the app to know its performance. If you find ratings are low or not sure about their authenticity, do not download the app.

Android can monitor your device for harmful codes. So, make sure this feature is enabled on your device by default.

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