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Beware of fake apps on coronavirus

Beware of fake apps on coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic created a lot of fear in the people. Since it is a new virus, no or limited knowledge is available on it.

In this regard, people are believing whatever is being spread on the name of coronavirus which eventually creates more panic among them.

Some fraudsters are using this as an opportunity to spread malicious software, Trojans and viruses to steal personal data and financial information.

Here are certain fake apps that are spreading on the name of coronavirus:

Coronavirus app claims to provide updates on COVID-19. But, cybersecurity experts warn that this app can steal your personal information and control your device remotely. This Android app requests to enter your PIN multiple times for Accessibility Service capabilities to steal your information.

Coronavirus Map claims to provide vital information on the measures to prevent coronavirus but in reality, it is a spy software. This app prompts to download files which contain spyware.

Coronavirus Finder assures to help find positive coronavirus cases near you. It prompts you to pay a minimal amount to access this information. The actual intention of the app is not the minimal amount, but to steal your credit card information and other account details.

Corona-Apps.apk sends continuous notifications every few seconds. There is no way to stop them except to uninstall it. Meanwhile, your crucial information and bank details will be sent to its command centre.

COVID19 Tracker app assures you to provide real-time information. But, it is ransomware. It asks access to your lock screen after you install it to provide instant alerts when a coronavirus patient is close by. After getting accesses, your phone will be locked and you will have to pay the demanded amount.

Some many other apps and websites claim to provide information about medical shops that stock N95 masks in your nearby areas. So, beware of all of these!

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