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Beware of mobile phones

Beware of mobile phones

Usage of mobile phones has been increased in these days. As such, their explosions have also become quite common. There were several such incidents in the past also.

In the month of March, a teenager in Kheriakani district in Odisha was talking to his relative while the phone was plugged in for charging.

But, the phone suddenly exploded due to which, the girl’s hand, leg and chest were severely injured. She died due to these injuries even though she was taken to the hospital.

Recently, a video on mobile explosion has gone viral on the social media.

In that video, the mobile phone got exploded in the pocket of a man while he was eating in a restaurant in Mumbai.

The incident took place two days ago, i.e. on June 4. The man was having his lunch and suddenly smoke started coming out of his shirt pocket from mobile phone.

The man got panicked threw away his mobile phone. Other people who had seen this also started running in panic.

The man was taken to a hospital for treatment and he escaped with minor injuries.

Last year, a similar incident occurred in Jet Airways flight. Mobile phone of one of the passengers had caught fire during the journey.

His mobile was in a bag which suddenly emitted smoke. All the passengers got panicked with the incident. However, all of them landed safely.

Immediately, after the incident, the Jet Airways issued a statement saying that the crew took all the essential precautionary measures at the time of the incident.

They had taken the mobile device into their custody for further investigation. None of the passengers or the crew was injured. The flight landed securely and all the passengers were safe.

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