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Best technology careers

Best technology careers

The technology sector has given rise to many spectacular jobs. However, some jobs are better than others. Glassdoor has recently released a list of Top 25 jobs across all industries. Based on that list let us take a look at some of the best jobs in the technology sector.

Software Architect

For this job, the Median base salary is $130,000. The job score given to this job in the list is Job score is 4.2. The Career opportunities rating is 3.4.

The job of a software architect is to design large complex software applications. They would also be working on how software is deployed in an enterprise.

UX Designer

UX designer is someone who takes care of the look and feel of software. He/she works on the interface part of the software which the customer sees. The Median base salary of a UX designer is $91,800. It has a job score of 4.3. The career opportunities rating is 3.6.

QA manager

QA manager is the quality assurance manager. He/she tests the software to see its performance. Their job is to ensure that the software works the way it should without errors. The Median base salary of QA manager is $85,000. The job score given to it is 4.4. It has a career opportunities rating of 3.4.

Software development manager

A software development manager has to manage various software development projects. The Median base salary is $135,000. It has a job score of 4.4. The career opportunities rating is 3.4.

Analytics manager

The job of an analytics manager is to manage analytics software and processes. His/her job is to analyze data from the company to help solve business questions. The median base salary is $105,000. The job score is 4.5. The career opportunities rating is 3.7.

The other top jobs in technology sector are Software engineer, Product manager, mobile developer, solutions architect, and data scientist.

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