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Career predictions as per your zodiac signs

Career predictions as per your zodiac signs

All of us entered the New Year with the hope of better future, prosperity and success in endeavours. Here is your career horoscope as per your zodiac signs made by Radha Agarwal. Follow them to succeed in your trials this New Year.

This year will be great for Aries individuals. Till September, Jupiter is in your work sector which facilitates more work and you will have great work opportunities. It also improves your work environment. You can even find your soul mate after September due to moving of Jupiter into the house of marriage. However, you should keep away from rigid attitudes and beliefs. Try considering the opinions of others as well. Also, take care of your health especially in the late summer and early autumn.

This year is special for Taurus individuals as you can do things in the way you want. Yet, try focusing on the dangers that you may encounter. You can take risks in your work for which you will be rewarded at the end of the year. Take hold of the opportunities that come your way but if you miss them, they will not come back. Mars is the planet that rules your career part from November till the middle of December which helps you reach your goals. You may reach peak stages in your career in a couple of years. However, you will succeed this year in fulfilling many of the goals you established.

Gemini individuals will have to wait for a year to create a sensation. Due to your unrealistic visions in the past, you are in a position to not make any decisions. But, you can set most of them this year. Students will succeed in their efforts for their higher studies. You will have a more stable position than the previous year. You will also have good luck regarding financial matters. If you have lent money to anyone in the previous year, it will be recovered this year. Similarly, many other financial issues will be solved. Yet, do not invest your money in any new investment without the consultation of a financial analyst. Jobseekers will find numerous opportunities for their career.

Cancerians will have ample opportunities this year. Make new friends to keep life exciting in the time of the spring season. Mars is your planet which keeps you more energetic than you are. Try to work alone on your projects to get success. Due to your constant moving and trips, you will gain more knowledge which helps to gain you home and fixed assets.

Though 2016 seems ambiguous for Leos, a positive result will appear at the final stage. This year puts a full stop to your past struggles related to work issues. In this month, a big unexpected opportunity comes to you, but do not leap on it immediately. Find the true colours of the situation as Mercury is reversing in Earth Sign. Your efforts in this year build the network for your success in future and long-run.

Virgos will get more job satisfaction and better cash rewards in 2016. Luck is on your side, so you will get honours, promotions and financial rewards. You will build new connections in your working environment. You will have more energy and authority. You will get foreign tours as well. Your work will be praised in your workspace. Yet, you will have certain speedboaters in your way and you need to change your plans accordingly. You may get a surprise after March 20. So, keep working industriously to improve your career graph.

Librans have good luck this year. Collaborations are important for you. You can try some innovative approaches. Yet, new ventures will take some time to succeed. You can have more personal satisfaction. You need to be more expressive and deal problems with a clear mind. Otherwise, they will bother you.

Scorpio people can combat their competitors this year. You should work hard to climb the ladder without comprising the success winds. Student who wants to study abroad will flourish in their attempts. This is a dynamic year compared to the previous year. You should keep your personal leadership in proper direction. Trust your own judgment and act accordingly. Your skills in communications and media industry will help you discover new people to motivate you in your chosen career.

Sagittarians will find new opportunities this year. Furthermore, you will have a great chance to expand your field. Your creative ideas can fetch success especially if you are working in media, public relations, advertising, sales, technology, engineering and software. Your creativity is the keystone for your success. Yet, you cannot expect this at the beginning of the year. Constant hard work in the beginning months will definitely help you get a reward in later months of the year. You may encounter stress and strain due to work which teaches you some lessons.

Capricorns should focus on maintaining good relationships with colleagues as well as superiors at their workplace. You will reach higher career position this year. If you utilize your resources completely and efficiently you will see extraordinary fortune. You will grow financially in a constant way as the year moves. But, beware of your mentality and thinking which can ruin certain things. You should focus on peace of mind and accept the situation as it is irrespective of your liking. You have critical times in March, May and October.

Aquarians will have a favourable period this year to start new ventures. You can continue works or projects this year that were initiated last year. Your motivation helps you climb the corporate ladder. Your career progresses slowly but steadily eventually leading to a big success. Your social network helps you finish incomplete projects. Keep an eye on legal aspects that are involved while dealing with new ventures. Otherwise, you will have to face legal situations by the year-end.

Pisceans have to face some challenges this year, yet they can succeed. You can expand your career plans. Do not lose hope even in tough times. True and lucid visions can yield better results and growth. You should be careful in the middle of the year as sudden problems might emerge. Follow your inner conscience but do not depend on other’s advice during this period. You should keep your emotional stability which will later lead to a huge success. Yet, do not lose that which you have gained due to over-confidence.

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