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Power of Rudraksha to heal your Body and Mind

Power of Rudraksha to heal your Body and Mind

According to the Indian epics, Rudrakshas were believed to be created from the eyes of Lord Shiva.

In ancient India, several Yogis and Maharishis used to wear chains made with Rudrakshas by believing that they would improve concentration and spiritual power. It is believed to reduce stress and promote health.

Some recent discoveries also revealed that the seeds of Rudraksha have electromagnetic power and thus can affect the physical and psychological health of humans.

Due to these studies, the tradition of wearing Rudrakshas has been rising globally.

Ayurveda claims that Rudraksha eliminates toxins from the body and fights against the harmful bacteria. The researchers of Banaras University concluded that Rudraksha improves blood flow in the body and the functioning of heart as well.

Rudraksha trees are found only in Southeast Asian countries. 70% of these trees are native to Indonesia, 25% are in Nepal and the remaining are in India.

Rudrakshas are many types according to the faces on them. Many believe that Eka Mukhi Rudraksha (Rudraksha with a single face) is very rare and the Rudraksha with 21 faces is invaluable. The normal Rudraksha that is available in the market is Pancha Mukhi (Rudraksha with five faces).

Each Rudraksha has its own benefits. Eka Mukhi Rudraksha improves the health of both body and mind. Dwi Mukhi (Rudraksha with two faces) promotes positive attitude in wearers and strengthens relationships; it is ideal for relationship with spouse.

Tri Mukhi (Rudraksha with three faces) is believed to relieve from bad luck, ill health, anxiety and depression. It improves self-esteem as well. Chathur Mukhi (Rudraksha with four faces) assists in promoting intelligence, talking skills and cleverness.

Pancha Mukhi (Rudraksha with five faces) is considered to control blood pressure and prevents heart diseases. It enhances memory power and mental peace. Shan Mukhi (Rudraksha with six faces) aids in treating psychological disorders like hysteria. It is ideal for students and entrepreneurs.

Sapta Mukhi (Rudraksha with seven faces) is believed to prevent accidents and chronic diseases. It eliminates loneliness and promotes happiness as well. Ashta Mukhi (Rudraksha with eight faces) is thought to keep away all obstacles in the proposed plans, enhance concentration and knowledge. It promotes longevity. It even cures the early stages of paralysis.

Nava Mukhi (Rudraksha with nine faces) is believed to improve strength and is ideal for women as it is effective in preventing miscarriages. This Rudraksha treats heart and skin problems. It boosts energy, dynamism and helps in attaining goals and riches.

Dasha Mukhi (Rudraksha with ten faces) is considered to be helpful for politicians by improving their social status and power in the society. It promotes spiritual enlightenment. It also treats whooping cough and relieves from stress.

But, beware there are man-made Rudrakshas which resemble the original Rudrakshas. They don’t have healing power. Real Rudrakshas rotate clockwise when they are kept on a copper coin and bring another copper coin close to it. This is due to the electromagnetic force in the Rudraksha.

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