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Amazing features of Truecaller app

Amazing features of Truecaller app

Truecaller application helps you block spam calls by enabling caller identification. While a blue contact card means it is safe to pick the call, a read contact card indicates it might be a spam call.

There are many amazing features in the Truecaller app. Here are some of them:

Truecaller enables you to record select calls manually. Or you can record all your calls automatically. These recordings will be uploaded to your Google Drive.

As Truecaller has its backup feature to store all about your contact book on Google Drive, you can restore them in case your mobile is broken, lost or stolen. You can get all the data of your contacts, call history and call logs, block list, and settings preferences on your Google Drive account. But, you cannot restore text messages with this app and you need another app for it.

You can also integrate this app with other applications. For instance, if you and your contact have the Google Duo app, you can make a video call directly from Truecaller and connect with your contact. It works across various platforms like Android and iOS.

Now Truecaller users can make Group Voice Calling with up to eight participants. There is no need to save anyone as a contact to add them to a call. The app also informs you about the availability of other users, like whether they are available for a call or busy on another call or offline. If a spam user has been added to a group call without your knowledge, the app identifies it.

Normally most SMS received by users come from businesses. Hence, Truecaller introduced a smart SMS feature to identify spam callers inside SMS also. The feature is available to users in India, South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya initially and will be available to users in other countries like Sweden, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, and the US.

The Inbox Cleaner feature helps you remove all older SMS like OTPs and spam messages from businesses. Just tap the Clean Up button to clean your inbox.

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