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Tips to improve Google Drive Storage

Tips to improve Google Drive Storage

Each Google account comes with 15 GB of free storage. It includes Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos. If you want more storage space, you need to buy it and upgrade. Google Photos end free storage space from June 1. Currently, Google users can access high-quality photos as they have unlimited storage for free for this, but from June 1, it will not be possible. This data will be counted in 15 GB free storage.

Hence, improve your Google Drive space with the following tips:

Don’t store your video files on Google Drive. Upload them to YouTube to improve your Drive space. Mark them as private to prevent others from accessing your videos.

While storing files in the Drive, keep them in the prescribed formats of Google, like Docs, Sheets etc. This is because these file formats do not use up your free space so that you will have plenty of space for other files. This is applicable for email attachments also.

If anybody shares content or files with you on Drive, they do not occupy your storage space except you add them to your Drive. That means, if you download shared files to your Google Drive, then they occupy your free storage. On the other hand, if you do not add them to your Drive, then you will have free space.

Mails and attachments received on Gmail occupy storage space on Google Drive. Hence clean up your inbox, spam etc., from time to time to get free Drive space. Also, search for emails with large attachments and delete them. After deleting the content, do not forget to empty the bin.

As items in your Trash occupy space, you need to empty the Trash in the left sidebar to improve Drive space. While emptying Trash after clicking on ‘Empty Trash’, confirm your action to complete it.

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