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These Google Services will shut down soon

These Google Services will shut down soon

Google+ or Google Plus is a social network launched by Google in 2011 for its users. It had a strong user base in the initial years. Yet, years after its launching, substantial changes could be seen.

Several people might have known that Google+ service will be shut down with effect from April 2, 2019.

This is due to low user engagement and software flaws. If you have any photos or videos stored in your Google+ album archive, you have to transfer them to any other social media platform or hard disk. Otherwise, you will lose them as Google is going to delete all of them from the specific day.

Yet, the deletion does not affect other Google services like Google Photos, YouTube and Maps.

In addition to Google+, Google is closing the Inbox app from April 2 as well. Google announced last year that this popular mobile app would be shut down.

Yet, the specific date was not announced by the company at that time.

Google Inbox app was launched by Google in 2014 to increase efficiency and help people with lots of emails regularly.

This app facilitates users to generate automatic replies, create bundles, and many more.

As the Inbox app is going to be shut down, Google has brought some of the Inbox features to the regular Gmail app like Smart Reply, Nudges, inline attachments, and more.

Yet, Google Inbox app has several other useful features which are going to be missed by the users.

Google Inbox app was not available at the Play Store from the last two weeks. So, even if any users want to try before its shut down, he/she can’t do so.

As of now, all Google Inbox features are not available on the default Gmail app, users hope to get more features in future as Google is closing its Inbox.

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