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10 Unique identification features

10 Unique identification features

There are certain methods to identify a person. Fingerprints and facial recognition are the standard methods to identify a person.

The biometric system is different in various people. To identify criminals, the government uses fingerprints, iris and face recognition.

Apart from that, certain other body parts make you unique and can be useful in differentiating from others.

Here is a list of unique identification features:

  • Iris, a ring-shaped membrane in your eye is located behind the cornea. It controls the amount of light that enters the eyes. Though your DNA determines the color and structure of your eyes, the rifts, pits, furrows, and swirls are different in every individual. These features make your eyes unique.
  • Voice is normally identified by frequency and intensity. Yet, pronunciation, tightness, nasality and lip rounding while speaking can differentiate a person from others.
  • Every person has a different size and shape of a tongue. Taste buds and tongue prints are different in everyone.
  • Your walk can make you unique as no two people can walk the same way. There might be some resemblance, but the walking style of two persons is not completely similar.
  • The ridges, shape and bumps of your ear is unique and can differentiate you from others.
  • The lines on the toes are different in each person.
  • Patterns of wrinkles in lips are unique. Hence, your lip can differentiate you from others.
  • Dental features and tooth morphology are different in every person. The size and shape of a tooth, pathologies, color and position of the tooth are unique in different individuals. The missing teeth and crowding of the teeth are also different.

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