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Consumers support colour code warnings on food packaging

Consumers support colour code warnings on food packaging

Health consciousness is increasing in people. That’s why many people read reviews and check their safety while buying products, especially food items.

Though the consumption of packaged food has increased, the majority of them are aware of the ingredients of the packs or what they are consuming.

The survey conducted by Local Circle revealed that many consumers favoured colour code warnings on food packaging. Especially they wished to have colour code warnings on ultra-processed food items.

A majority of survey participants, i.e. 7 out of 10, favoured the colour code warnings on food packaging.

They said that rather than a star rating system, a colour code system on the front side of the pack label is easier to identify the ultra-processed food. In addition, it will be easier for consumers to identify what they are consuming.

While the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is considering a star rating system, the majority of consumers are preferring for colour codes to identify ultra-processed food items.

The survey participants wished to colour codes based on the salt, sugar, and fat content of the pack so that they can identify such products.

They wish to have a red colour label or bar on the front of the pack of ultra-processed food items for easy identification.

More than 86 per cent of survey participants preferred eCommerce sites and apps that enable them to identify processed food with red colour.

They said that it would help them choose healthy foods. The survey was conducted in more than 285 districts across the country. Around 19,000 people participated in the survey.

Two-thirds of them, i.e. 64 per cent were men. Half of them were from Tier I cities. The survey results clearly showed that the health consciousness among Indian consumers, especially urban people, is increasing.

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