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Website Offers Free Video Lectures

Website Offers Free Video Lectures is a website which helps students get free lecture videos. It is made for class 11 and 12 students belonging to the commerce stream. Priya Bangard, founder of the website says that she and her brother saw many people struggling to get quality education in their hometown of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. She saw that students in big cities always had options like getting tuitions and extra classes but students from small villages could not afford it.

Knowing that small town students do not always have good teachers or classes, the idea for the website formed. These students often cannot afford to pay much either.

Hence, she founded The website offers free access to audio-visual lectures on basic concepts of accountancy.

The website is mainly designed with students of Classes 11 and 12 in mind. It consists of more than 500 videos on the topics of commerce and accountancy. These videos are even found useful to MBA students. They even offer tips and help for people who are running small businesses and want to improve their basic understanding of the subject.

The website also classifies the lectures for easy use. They are categorized based on the syllabus of different school boards like ICSE, CBSE, Maharashtra Board, etc. Students of different Boards can select packages with a certain number of videos based on their prescribed syllabus.

The videos are made in a simple to understand format. They begin with a question which is solved step by step. A voice over explains each step to explain the process.

School students can easily select which videos they need based on their syllabus. On the other hand, MBA students and businessmen can watch any video they like based on their needs. Users can access all videos for free. However, the website does have a format of referring friends and earning chapters. The user initially has access to few videos. As he/she refers his/her friends, they get more access to the complete course. Users who cannot refer to friends can also unlock videos by calling the support of the website.

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