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Upcoming Railway initiatives

Upcoming Railway initiatives

The railways are coming up with new initiatives to keep passengers interested. They are trying to surprise passengers with unique features. These are the features that are planned by railways in the not so distant future.

Air India instead of Rajdhani

If you have booked in Rajdhani and your ticket is not confirmed, then you will be given the option to fly with Air India to your destination. If you booked for AC first class ticket, then you don’t have to pay any extra, however if you booked AC II and AC III passengers, then you would have to pay an extra Rs.1500 to get flight tickets

Refund on cancellation of Tatkal tickets

Since June 1, Railways will give passengers a 50% refund on the cancellation of Tatkal tickets. They are also changing the timing for booking Tatkal tickets. Tatkal will be open between 10 am and 11 am while sleeper coach booking will be between 11 am to 12 noon.

Rajdhani and Shatabdi to have more coaches

Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express will have more coaches to accommodate more passengers. Passengers can now also use mobile-tickets and it will not be compulsory to carry hard copies of the tickets.

Availability of tickets in regional language

Passengers will be able to have online booking services in several regional languages as well.

Debit and credit card transactions won’t have extra charges

Since June 1 passengers who booking with debit and credit cards do not have to pay Rs. 30 extra as before.

Executive lounges at railway stations

Recently executive lounges were launched at New Delhi railway station. These lounges are known for comfort with TV, AC and WiFi. It costs Rs.100 per hour for each passenger to rest in these lounges. They will soon be launched in Agra and Jaipur too.

Wake Up Passenger!

The railways are planning to launch a unique initiative. There will be a wake-up call facility on many trains which wakes up passengers when their destination is reached.

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