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Udhyam’s eco-friendly LPG based iron box

Udhyam’s eco-friendly LPG based iron box ox from LPG

Traditional coal-based iron boxes consume too much time for the coal to be heated up. Moreover, they pollute the environment as they are not eco-friendly.

But, Udhyam Learning Foundation (ULF)’s iron boxes work with the help of LPG. ULF is a non-profit organization. It was founded by ex-Flipkart Chief People Officer, Mekin Maheswari.

In order to help small ironwalas, ULF wants to provide alternative iron boxes to the coal-based ones.

They came up with a solution of ironing boxes of LPG ones. These iron boxes are eco-friendly and cost-effective. They generate more revenue.

ULF offers LPG iron boxes to many small ironwalas in Bengaluru.

The ULF team spent two months to interact with them and understand their concerns. Initially, people did not believe them and were apprehensive of the motives of the ULF.

But, after ULF’s interaction with the people, they understood the motive and believed in ULF.

The traditional coal-based iron boxes have the following issues:

They consume a lot of time. The average time for coal to heat up is two to three hours daily. That means this much time is getting wasted on heating coal.

Another issue is that coal is not easily available in the market and the price is also higher.

These coal-based iron boxes damage cloths due to high temperature or residual ash. As a result, customers are unwilling to give expensive cloths to these small ironwalas.

On the other hand, LPG based iron boxes are a good alternative to these coal-based iron boxes. This iron box saves at least two hours daily which means extra time can be spent on ironing additional cloths of 40 to 50. It gives an additional income of ₹6,000 per month.

Since it works on LPG, it does not damage environment. These LPG cylinders are easily available in the market and cost-effective. Thus, ULF’s initiative helped several marginal ironwalas.

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