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Tesla BlackHOLE to remove the trash mountain in Ladakh?

Tesla BlackHOLE to remove the trash mountain in Ladakh?

Ladakh is one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world. This is the reason why it gets a lot of tourists there.

However, that is not always a good thing. Ladhakh has been plagued with a huge waste management problem that has come with the large number of tourists.

In 2011, it was 3 lakh tourists who visited that place by the end of this tourist season in October. That number has been increasing exponentially.

With this, the amount of waste has also increased.

In order to solve this problem and save the eco system at Ladakh, the district administration in Leh approached US multinational company Tesla to buy their unique waste disposal machine called the ‘BlackHOLE’. This device is said to be “swallow up” trash.

The device called BlackHOLE will use plasma heat decomposition technology to turn non-biodegradable waste into ceramic ash.

This ash itself can be used to construct roads and houses.

The machine can process up to 1 ton of garbage in just a day. It also requires very little maintenance is very easy to use.

Ladakh as a place has trouble getting rid of trash because of where it is situated and the adverse conditions during winters when the roads shut down.

Using a device like BlackHOLE would make it so that there is no need to transfer the trash to somewhere else.

The device can process everything except glass without needing any electricity or fuel. And even better is that the waste gets turned into ceramic ash which is also useful.

Officials from Ladakh say that they already placed orders with Bengaluru-based Tesla Energy which is an arm of US-based Tesla Green.

They are planning to setup a plant with a daily capacity of one ton. The plant is expected to be setup in 2-3 months.

The ceramic ash from the plant will be purchased by the Border Roads Organisation to build roads.


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