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Garbage to energy at Jaipur Railway Station

Garbage to energy at Jaipur Railway Station

The garbage discarded in and around the Jaipur Railway Station will soon be used in a creative way. The garbage will be used as a source of energy to run trains, cook food and more. North Western Railway officials have stated that the two plants which treat biodegradable and plastic waste are about to be set up near the Jaipur railway station.

Jaipur station sees a lot of waste which includes biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. This comes from passengers and vendors alike. The idea is to use this waste for the benefit of infrastructure. Taking such a step will help the environment by taking care of disposed waste. It will also be useful in generation of energy.

The plant for the plastic waste will collect 2,000 kg of plastic. Using this plastic, diesel will be produced. The produced diesel can be used for locomotives.

Officials of railways have stated that both the plants will be operational within this financial year (2015-16). They are aiming that once the plants are ready, there won’t be any garbage will be visible on the platforms or the tracks.

This new initiative is part of the energy conservation initiative which is being taken up by the North Western Railways. The authorities of railways also have plans to install a water recycling unit at the station. The aim of this unit is to improve water recycling rate. It would be able to recycle about 80 percent of the water which is used in the station to clean stations and wagons.

The authorities are also planning to use a solar plant. The plant will be able to give the station power and fulfil eight percent of the electricity used at the station for lights and fans at the platforms. All these initiatives are made for the purpose of making the station much more eco-friendly and make use of wasted potential. It helps in disposing of waste and also helps the station work more efficiently.

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