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Spandan ECG – Smartest, Matchbox-sized device

Spandan ECG – Smartest, Matchbox-sized device

Around 31 per cent of people die of cardiovascular diseases each year globally. At least half of the deaths can be prevented if proper monitoring equipment and regular heart checkup facilities are available.

In India, many rural areas and hilly regions do not have ECG facility. Patients have to travel 20 to 30 km to get access to primary healthcare which leads to severe health complications and in emergencies, it leads to fatalities.

In this scenario, a young team from Dehradun invented an ECG device, Spandan ECG.

Spandan ECG is a matchbox-shaped device developed by Sunfox Technologies.

Rajat Jain, cofounder of Sunfox Technologies says that many primary healthcare centres lack preliminary cardiac monitoring facility due to which several people are losing their lives.

He shared his experience quoting that he lost his close friend a few years ago. He felt that if his friend was monitored for cardiac problems and treated accordingly, he would not have died due to cardiac arrest.

Hence, Rajat wants to do something for the early diagnosis of cardiac problems to prevent fatalities.

He along with his team started Sunfox Technologies in 2016. The team designed Spandan ECG, a small ECG monitor. It costs ₹7,999 on their website.

This matchbox-sized ECG monitor weighs just 12 grams. Sunfox Technologies claim that this device is the smartest, smallest and lightest heart monitoring device.

Spandan ECG monitor detects heart problems and cardiac abnormalities with an accuracy of 99.7 per cent compared to clinical diagnosis.

Spandan ECG – Smartest, Matchbox-sized device

Spandan ECG – Smartest, Matchbox-sized device

The device has a wire to connect with your smartphone and a cable with three electrodes to be connected to the patient’s chest to get the readings.

As the device is equipped with smart algorithms, it can interpret the abnormalities and deliver results on a smartphone through an application. You have to download the app on Google Play Store.

Even a common man can understand the results. Spandan device displays result in three colours.

Green colour indicates that the readings are stable. While red colour reveals the emergency and you have to contact a doctor immediately, yellow shows that the heart is abnormal. However, if red colour appears, it is better to retake the confirmation test.

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