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Solar stove lowers cooking costs


Dhaval Thakkar has grown up in a lower-middle-class home in north Gujarat. While he was pursuing his Masters in Computer Applications he went on a trip to the Sabarmati river which impacted him very much.

The river was in a polluted state and he was shocked by seeing it. Then, he wanted to find out the solution for environmental issues.

He researched on the biggest issues that affect the global climate crisis. Knowing that around two-thirds of people in India and half of the population across the world are depending on chulhas and biomass to cook food, he wanted to work on alternatives to clean cooking energy.

He designed a stove which uses solar energy. The stationary thermal energy stored in the stove can be used within the next 72 hours for cooking food items and roti making. 

This energy can be used for three meals a day. The stove has an electrical charging option to use it during monsoons.

The solar stove designed by Dhaval is lightweight, hence it can be moved to outdoor locations also. Unlike traditional stoves, this solar stove does not emit any heat or toxic gases. So, it is the cleanest form of cooking energy.

The solar stove automatically tracks the sun accurately. Regular flat bottom vessels can be used to cook on this solar stove.

The storage unit has a secure plug-and-lock docking system. Hence, no chances of explosions, short circuits or fire accidents to happen.

The solar stove is easy to operate with its control panel and user alert system. Moreover, it also works with direct sunlight.

The solar stove lowers the costs up to 80 per cent than that of an LPG cylinder. Hence, it is one of the cheapest alternative cooking energies.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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