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Punjab carpenter makes eco-friendly wooden bicycles

Punjab carpenter makes eco-friendly wooden bicycles

Many people lost their jobs or livelihood due to COVID-19. While some of them chose different jobs, some others started their own business with a little investment to survive.

This Punjab carpenter made a wooden bicycle with discarded spare parts and materials.

Dhani Ram Saggu lives in Zirakpur near Chandigarh, Punjab. He is a carpenter. He makes doors, shelves, cupboards etc.

He lost his livelihood due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the country. He wanted to use this time to improve his skills and do productive work.

Dhani Ram decided to engage in work to keep him busy so that he can regain his livelihood. Besides, he used to hear several instances of people’s suicides in his surroundings. The news depressed him. To avoid disruptive thoughts, he wanted to keep himself busy and focus on creative and productive work.

Being an experienced carpenter, he decided to make something unique. Then, he made a wooden bicycle.

This bicycle is completely different from what is available in the market which is made of steel and alloy.

He was sceptical in the beginning. Hence, he crafted a wooden cycle with spare plywood and materials from old cycles in the beginning. When he was 50 per cent successful, he got hope and bought an old bicycle to test with his design. He removed all parts of the old bicycle and attached a wooden frame to it. However, it was difficult to move the bicycle due to heavy plywood.

Then, he bought Canadian wood and worked with it. He attached new wheels and brakes to the bicycle. He further modified the design to make the cycle move smoothly.

Thus, he succeeded in making a perfect wooden bicycle. It helped him earn global attention.

He received several orders from not just India but Canada as well. The cycle is priced at ₹15,000.

Dhani Ram is now happy for constructively utilizing the lockdown period and creating his own brand recognition.

Image Credit: Thebetterindia

Image Reference: https://www.thebetterindia.com/237150/punjab-zirakpur-carpenter-wooden-cycle-viral-eco-friendly-innovation-lockdown-india-ros174/

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