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Organic Purifier makes sewage water drinkable

Organic Purifier makes sewage water drinkable

Water problem is one of the major issues not just in India, but in many regions across the globe. The report of The Water Gap – State of the World’s Water says that more than 844 million people in the world are facing water problem especially in terms of access to a clean and safe drinking water problem.

The main reasons for the non-availability of clean drinking water include water pollution, growing industrialization, and lack of sewage management.

In order to find out a solution for the clean water problem, Anto P Biju and Thomas Cyriac designed an innovative solution.

The duo is from Palai town of Kerala. They are college friends. When the two friends were thirsty on their road trip, they could not find safe drinking water; rather they were given dirty water when asked for water.

This made them think about the water problem and find out a solution for it.

Being engineering students, they worked on inventions to solve everyday problems as part of their college education.

Initially, they developed a pen to detect the elements of water. That way, one could find the impurities in the water to see if the water was fit for drinking or not.

However, it was not solving the problem. So, the duo worked hard for almost two years to build a prototype.

They designed several models but were not satisfied with their ability. At last, the friends finished the design. The model works with a mini-cartridge that filters impure water using activated carbon.

The pores of the water purifier act as micro-reservoirs. These pores are fixed onto a disc inside the cartridge. It removes color, foul smell, and harmful metals from the water. It also adds minerals that are essential to humans.

They registered their startup as well in 2018 to introduce their product into the market.

They got a seed funding of ₹2 lakh from the Kerala Startup Mission to develop the product.

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