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Bookwater ensures quality in the drinking water business

Bookwater ensures quality in the drinking water business

In the bustling city of Chennai, a pioneering startup named Bookwater is revolutionizing the way you buy and consume water.

Founded by brothers Balachander and Bharath, Bookwater offers a unique solution to two critical issues: ensuring the quality of drinking water and addressing revenue leakage in the industry.

Bookwater’s innovation lies in its commitment to transparency.

When you purchase a can of water from them, you gain access to crucial information about the water’s quality, filling date, and usage history. All this is done with a simple scan of the can’s QR code, thoughtfully generated by Bookwater’s associates.

The pricing is another key advantage offered by Bookwater. A 20-litre can of water, inclusive of GST, is priced at just ₹55, making it an affordable choice for consumers.

India’s drinking water market is colossal, amounting to a staggering $25 billion annually.

However, until now, consumers rarely received receipts for their water purchases, leading to substantial revenue losses.

Bookwater, established in 2020, aims to rectify this by providing clean, verifiable drinking water while ensuring tax compliance.

The process begins at the can manufacturing stage. Bookwater’s associates procure only virgin PET from trusted petrochemical companies to craft their distinctive blue-tinted cans.

Each can is then assigned a unique QR code for easy tracking.

To prevent the formation of algae in the cans, a common issue with conventional containers exposed to sunlight, Bookwater’s design ensures that tiny crevices do not develop.

The cans are then transported to filling stations in Mangadu and Kelambakkam.

Here, in-house-developed controllers, produced using 3D printing technology, assess the water quality of every batch.

Upon reaching your home, you have the power to scan the QR code to learn the water’s source, filling date, and type.

If a Bookwater can lacks a QR code, it’s a clear sign not to purchase it.

Moreover, Bookwater is committed to sustainability. After a can has been used 30 times, it is sold to those who repurpose PET into products like T-shirts.

As the next step, Bookwater is gearing up to introduce enriched water, be it alkaline or re-mineralized, catering to diverse consumer preferences. The startup has already secured seed funding and is attracting significant investor interest for potential equity partnerships.

In a world where clean water and transparency are paramount, Bookwater is making waves by delivering both quality and accountability, one QR code at a time.

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