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MedIoTek makes a device to prescreen COVID-19 patients

MedIoTek makes a device to prescreen COVID-19 patients

The need for rapid testing kits of COVID-19 is rising by the minute. As India performs thousands of tests, it is in dire need of a fast and accurate testing method to identify patients. Since the infrastructure is limited, new technology has to be used.

Due to the scare number of tests available, it is important to prioritize who gets the tests. Here is where Chennai based startup MedIoTek comes in.

They developed a prescreening tool which classifies users based on the level of need for testing.

Their tool, VinCense is an Internet of Medical Things platform. Using it, one can measure a person’s statistics that are relevant to COVID-19.

It takes into account parameters like respiratory rate, skin temperature, oxygen saturation, pulse and blood pressure.

Based on the factors, the device classifies a person on how much they need the test. Then they can be tested for COVID-19.

The device is fast and accurate with its results and provides all this in just two minutes.

MedIoTek has also combined third party devices like glucometer and ECG to monitor health conditions like diabetes and hypertension. As such, it also provides the risk of cardiovascular conditions for patients.

It is a wearable device which stores user data in cloud for easy access. The device has seen a massive spike in orders after the lockdown began.

It comes with an app as well to easily access data anytime. Doctors can access this data online with classifications of patients in different categories like mild risk, moderate risk, moderate-severe risk, and severe risk. As such, there is no need to break social distancing rules for doctors to treat their patients.

The data is updated at regular intervals. As a result, doctors can stay up to date about the patient’s condition and see if they need attention.

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