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India Post becomes lifesaver during the lockdown

India Post becomes lifesaver during the lockdown

India Post is playing a vital role in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic by delivering essential medicine to different destinations across the country amidst lockdown.

India Post has the largest postal network in the world. Utilizing its wide network and resources, India Post is working round the clock and has become a lifesaver to people by delivering testing kits, medicines, masks and ventilators to various places in the country.

India Post has an extensive network of post offices in six lakh villages. It has many vans to deliver postage to people. The red postal vans are very familiar across the country.

Due to lack of other transport modes like trains and flights, these postal vans came to the rescue of the people in the country.

The postal department is transporting tonnes of medicines and other medical equipment during the lockdown when the country is facing its toughest crisis in decades.

Besides, the postal department also delivers cash and other essential items at the doorsteps of the beneficiaries of government schemes. And thus, it ensures that the benefits of the government reach the beneficiaries.

Kerala government has associated with the postal department to help people who need cash during the lockdown and delivered cash at their doorsteps.

The Karnataka State Mango Development and Marketing Board (KSMDMC) has collaborated with the postal department to deliver farm-fresh mangoes to people across the state.

The post office in Jammu and Kashmir helped many people have enough cash by facilitating financial transactions including deposits and withdrawals.

India Post also plays a crucial role in the disbursement of wages under MGNREGA as well as pensions to widows and elderly people.

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