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MediCab – Portable and Foldable COVID-19 Hospital

MediCab - Portable and Foldable COVID-19 Hospital

As the number of COVID-19 cases is increasing in the country, the need for beds and hospitals are also increasing.

To help people get access to hospitals easily, a startup, came with an innovative solution. It developed a foldable and portable hospital, MediCab.

Modulus Housing is an IIT Madras incubated startup. It was founded by two IIT alumni.

MediCab, a portable hospital can be installed anywhere in the country within a few hours by just four people.

It can be easily assembled in eight hours. It is foldable and the collapsible cabins are reduced five-fold when folded so that they can be easily transported. Besides, the transport cost will also be less.

MediCab consists of four zones – a doctor’s room, an isolation room, a medical room and twin-bed ICU. This portable hospital unit can be maintained at negative pressure.

It can be used to screen, detect, isolate and treat COVID-19 patients in local communities. Thus, it can aid patients in getting access to proper isolation facilities or treatment.

Recently, MediCab has been launched in Wayanad, Kerala to treat COVID-19 patients. This pilot project proved that micro-hospitals are more advantageous. They save time and cost associated with huge hospital buildings.

This portable hospital is an instant infrastructure solution. So, the startup feels that more such units will certainly help several people across the country in the need of the hour.

These hospitals also benefit the rural people where there is a need for hospitals and medical infrastructure to treat patients effectively.

The startup is also working to improve its design to serve a dual purpose. Now, they can be launched as COVID-19 isolation wards and after that, they can be transformed into micro-hospitals or clinics in rural areas.

Modulus Housing wants to develop numerous micro-hospitals across the country. It established its manufacturing unit at Chengalpet in Tamil Nadu.

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