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World’s first touch-based digital portable ECG Machine

World's first touch-based digital portable ECG Machine

In a remarkable feat of engineering, two electronics engineers have jointly developed the world’s first touch-based digital portable ECG machine. The device was developed by Rahul Rastogi and Neha Rastogi.

This groundbreaking device allows individuals to conveniently screen heart-related ailments in the comfort of their own homes.

With CDSCO approval in India and a user base of over 20,000 doctors, their company, Agatsa, has gained significant recognition. It even won the prestigious Aegis Graham Bell Award.

Now, the duo is focused on obtaining clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) to expand the product’s market overseas.

Rahul Rastogi is the visionary behind this innovative device. He was inspired to create it after his father was diagnosed with a cardiac problem and required frequent ECG screenings.

Recognizing the inconvenience and complexity of traditional ECG procedures, Rahul conceptualized a portable machine that individuals could use at home.

He succeeded in his invention through extensive research on ECG principles and miniaturization techniques.

Agatsa ensures that each user of the portable ECG machine receives comprehensive support.

Through five to seven onboarding calls, the company guides individuals on how to use the device effectively.

Its compact design enables users to conduct an ECG even while sitting in a car. And they can obtain the report easily in PDF format. Also, they can share it with others easily.

The accuracy of Agatsa’s ECG reports has garnered trust and recognition. In certain cases, insurance companies have underwritten the reports, while a significant number of corporate tests have also been conducted using the device. Doctors endorsed it with near-100% accuracy.

As a result, the device has gained popularity among approximately 20,000 doctors, being utilized in both rural and urban areas.

Agatsa is committed to keeping the cost of the hardware minimal. It has adopted a pay-per-use model.

The price of the device is ₹ 3,068. It offers a range of features. Some of them include heart rate monitoring, 12-lead ECG analysis, PQRST analysis, heart rate variability, and stress level assessment.

This comprehensive functionality enhances its value and utility, contributing to its growing user base.

Agatsa’s dedication to providing accessible and accurate cardiac screening has the potential to revolutionize the way heart-related ailments are diagnosed and managed worldwide.

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