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Machine generates energy from the wind of moving vehicles

Machine generates energy from the wind of moving vehicles

Do you know that there is a machine that can reuse the wind energy which is produced by moving vehicles? Can you imagine that this machine is designed by a 17-year old boy?

Akash Singh is a resident of Gurgaon. He is studying in Government Polytechnic College in Manesar. Being an ardent traveler, he used to stand in the doorway of trains and enjoy the cool breezes. At that time, an idea came to his mind why can’t wind energy be used in an effective way. He constantly used to think about it.

Later, he began experimenting with his idea. After working for around two years, he succeeded in developing a machine which generates wind energy from moving vehicles.

Akash explained the reason for his focus on wind is that it is a renewable energy and causes no pollution. He added that most of the existing energy producing ways are exhaustible in addition to damaging the environment.

Akash’s machine works on basic principles of wind energy, similar to a windmill. But its application is innovative as the machine can generate energy when it is kept on the roof of moving vehicles like buses, autos etc. from the wind energy. Battery packs can be used to store this energy.

The machine has a four-blade set up which have light hollow circular objects at their ends. These help the machine to rotate based on the direction of wind. There is a gear box dynamo in the midst of the four blades. As soon as the wind converter starts working and rotating, dynamo also moves accordingly and produces energy. The machine needs a minimum of 30 kmph to work. The average speed of our trains and buses is between 40-80 kmph. Hence, Akash’s machine can work with speed of the moving vehicles.

Akash sent his proposal to PMO which is forwarded to Ministry of Railways and then to Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. Right now, Akash is busy improving his innovation.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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