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PMO India website in six languages

PMO India website in six languages

In order to reach the efforts of government to the people of the country, the PMO India website was launched in six major regional languages. The initiative was taken by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj. Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked her for this. Feedback on this venture was called from the citizens.

The PMO website, was available in English and Hindi in the past. This website highlights various initiatives of the government to the nation.

PM also thanked all the people who worked in this new venture to create the versions in various regional languages. He anticipated this will strengthen his interaction with the citizens further.

He called for the feedback of the people and added that people can let the government know the mistakes in the languages of the websites if any are found. PM expressed his happiness on the launching of new venture.

The six launguages in which PMO website is launched are Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Tamil and Telugu.

External Affairs Minister Sushma also stated that she was happy to launch the new venture of PMO India website in six languages. She said that the NDA government wanted the people to connect with them in their preferred language hence new language versions of website are added.

She added that other regional languages will also be added in a phased manner and some time is required for the government to inaugurate the official website of Prime Minister of India in these languages.

With, this new initiation, people can visit the website in their choice of language which can improve their communication and interaction with the government. Thus, the new versions of regional languages are a good move for the citizens to discuss with ease and convenience on the plans and agenda of the government. This would boost good governance as well.

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