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M.Tech student’s unique VR product

M.Tech student’s unique VR product

Virtual reality is growing day by day. Now, this M.Tech student has made a unique technology related to virtual reality. It is a one-of-a-kind integration of Gesture Recognition Technology and Virtual Reality. It is made to help users experience VR content without hardware.

Rachana Bagde, a 20 year old M.Tech student is the brain behind this technology. She calls it G for Gestures. It started out as a simple college project idea. She was attempting to achieve controlling of a virtual environment through hand gestures.

Rachana says that after she successfully implemented this, she saw how much it can be developed into. Recently, she released her VR product for five star hotel suites called ‘The Hotel Suite Virtual Tour’.

The technology uses a body sensor with a user standing in front of it and moving his hands in gestures. This way, the user can move in the virtual world. The user can take a virtual tour of all the available suites of the hotel. The interior of the hotel can be explored and they can travel through different rooms using just their gestures.

G for Gestures is installed in the system for those want it. They will also get Kinect Sensor and the 3-D virtual world content as per the requirements of what they want displayed. The sensors are made available by Microsoft for commercial use.

The 3d content to be used in VR environment is created by Rachana’s team based on the needs of customer. The starting price of this tech is ₹60,000 at present. This includes the sensors and the whole setup. Based on the level of customization needed, it can go up further. At present, she is targeting the hotel industry, specifically five-star hotels. She says she wants to target the automotive sector next because similar products are already being used there.

Image Reference: Yourstory

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