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A virtual school to help simplify sciences

A virtual school to help simplify sciences

The story of Roshni shows that passion can make a lot of difference. She quit her job and began a virtual school in order to teach science and math to high school youngsters without charge. So far, her YouTube channel has gained over 70,000 subscribers. The channel consists of over 3,900 videos uploaded thus far.

Even since a child, Roshni Mukherjee had a lot of dreams of being a teacher. However, she never expected that she one day she would teach not simply to some classes and students but to thousands of people across the country.

Roshni has a master’s degree in physics. In 2011, she launched ExamFear.com, a web platform where she teaches science and Math to students from class nine to twelve.

The YouTube channel of ExamFear has over 74,000 subscribers. The people who watch her videos are grateful to Roshni for making their tough lessons simple.

Roshni has created approximately 3,900 videos, that cover a good vary of topics in physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology.

The reason why her videos are successful is because; Roshni combines science and math theories with real world examples to make tough ideas easier to understand. She also uses many pictures and graphics in order to make the teachings even a lot more attention-grabbing and understandable.

Roshni desires her videos to reach remote locations of the country where students who don’t have access to good education will benefit from them.

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