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Life-saving device by a high school dropout

Life-saving device by a high school dropout

No huge degrees are essential if there are strong dedication and zeal to invent. This has been proved in many instances.

Here is a high school dropout who designed a life-saving device. Rishikesh CS is a resident of Alappuzha, Kerala.

Being passionate in electronics, he wanted to go beyond the syllabus of his textbooks. While he was studying class 11 and 12, regular strikes and political activities used to hinder his classes.

As a result, he used to drop out and was attending degree classes in electronics. Since he could not pay the condonation for the shortage of attendance in his plus 2, he was unable to write the exams.

Hence, he began working. As he did not have proper educational qualification, he was involved in odd jobs like repairing electronic devices, lighting circuits etc.

His strong passion for electronics and technology turned him into an innovator. He made a battery-less AM Radio which was his first innovation.

Even though he dropped out of his PU college, he was reading electronics books with interest.

He asked his friends abroad to send some more books on electronics. In addition to that, he used the internet.

His hometown had witnessed many boat tragedies and mishaps. This led him to make a life-saving device for the people.

He developed an early detection sensor to be kept at the bottom of the boat. Thus, it helps locate the level of water by sending wireless signals.

Later he built a small wireless vibrating device to alert oncoming disasters.

Thus, his device helps people know about disasters before they occur and evacuate the place immediately. And, so they can be saved.

His innovation got him a nation-wide reputation. He later made a wireless high-tension electricity detector to check if power lines are active or not.

After that, he built a wireless transmitter to relay information of a train for every few seconds so that passengers who cross the tracks can escape the dangers.

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