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Keep your Dogs in Hotel for Dogs

Keep your Dogs in Hotel for Dogs

Pets 101- Hotel for dogs is a first of its kind hotel for dogs. It was started in Chennai. Shravan Krishnan, co-founder of this hotel has stated that he found that there were no good kennels in Chennai. The founders, Shravan Krishnan and Arunodaya Reddy stated that they always had lots of dogs and they wanted to create an environment in which they would be ready to leave their own pets in.

This hotel was started when the founders wanted to leave for a holiday and wanted to leave their dog in safe kennel. However, they could not find any kennels in the city which had the right conditions they expected for their beloved pet. In order to satisfy the needs of many similar pet owners, this hotel was started.

Keep your Dogs in Hotel for Dogs

The hotel has well maintained interiors with calm shades of blue and white along with an open field for dogs to play, huge kennels, air conditions, and infrared surveillance cameras to monitor the dogs. The place was made to put pets in a comforting place and make them return often.

In this hotel, dogs are mostly allowed to be free. They are given baths and fed with nutritional food. The dogs are even encouraged to socialize with other dogs. The hotel has two employees, a manager, and a veterinarian to look after the dogs in case of need. The place is made mainly for those who love dogs.

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