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Pet dog registration is mandatory in Haryana

Pet dog registration is mandatory in Haryana

Nowadays, many people are raising pets. However, unlike many countries like the US, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain etc., India does not have Pan-India laws for pet dog licences.

But, pet registration is mandatory throughout the country. Still, many states are not strictly enforcing the law.

Pet owners must register their pets with local civic bodies. The majority of pet owners do not get it done due to a lack of awareness. Moreover, some owners behave negligently and do not control their pets. As a result, dog bites and attacks are increasing. There are several instances where people report dog attacks.

In this context, the Haryana government decided to make the registration of pet dogs mandatory in the state.

Now, all pet owners should get a licence for their pet dogs by registering it with the government. They have to register on the Saral portal to get a licence for their dogs. Nobody should keep a pet dog without a licence.

In addition, pet owners will not be allowed to keep more than one dog. Dog owners should put a mask on the mouth of their dog to prevent it from biting others.

The violators will be imposed a fine of ₹5,000. The Haryana government also plans to introduce a provision for imprisonment for violators.

The registration fee to get a licence for a pet dog is ₹500 in many areas in the country. For instance, in Delhi and Gurgaon, pet owners will have to pay ₹500 as an annual registration charge.

However, in some places, the fee is more. For example, in Ghaziabad, the registration fee is ₹1,000. In Lucknow, the annual registration charges depend on the species of the dog.

Submission of a vaccination certificate from a registered veterinary practitioner is mandatory in all places. Pet owners should also submit an undertaking specifying that they are adhering to the laws of the country.

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