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Jeans that Prevents Rape Attacks

Jeans that Prevents Rape Attacks

Rape Crisis is increasing alarmingly in India. According to Government Statistics, for every 22 minutes a rape occurs in the country. In this devastating scenario, preventive measures are highly essential. To prevent rape attacks, many people have designed apps, alarms and other devices. Even many more are working on inventing new devices and making new designs.

Two young Indian girls have also initiated a step on preventing rape crisis. They designed high-tech jeans to fight rapes. Diksha Pathak and Anjali Srivastava from Varanasi designed a jeans that has a small electronic button. In the event of emergencies, this button can be pressed so that it can send a call to the nearest police station. The signal acts as a tracker as well so police can immediately rush to the location without any difficulty. The device works with a battery that lasts for approximately for 3 months and the girls want to make it work for a longer time. The cost of this jeans is nearly Rs. 250.

There are around 200 police stations in Varanasi and its neighbouring areas that can receive the alarm. It is initially to be tested in these regions and if successful, they will be used nation-wide. Diksha is a science student and Anajli is an electronic communications student. They hope to stop rapes in the country using their innovation.

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