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Woman designs smart devices for elderly people

Woman designs smart devices for elderly people

Falling on the ground is one of the most common issues faced by many senior citizens. It leads to the breakage of bones and many other health problems. To help elderly people and seniors prevent falling, a designer and researcher came up with innovative solutions.

Shreya Thakkar from Vadodara observed the problems of aged people by seeing her grandparents at her home. She wished to do something for them.

Later she had been to Los Angeles for her master’s degree. She used to volunteer at senior living facilities. At that time, she got a chance to interact with them closely and study their problems.

She understood that most of them wanted to live happily without depending on others. So, she wished to develop assistive technology to improve the quality of their life.

Shreya started researching and realized that older people need assistance in many regular activities like morning routines, kitchen assistance etc. Keeping these things in her mind, she designed smart devices for the independent mobility of seniors.

Her research helped develop useful devices for older people. Some of them are Wander on Smart Cane and Walker. These devices are equipped with GPS tracking.

In addition, they come with blood pressure monitoring so that seniors can easily track their health without relying on others. In addition, the smart cane has a built-in pedometer. It tracks the step count of the user.

Its height can be adjustable. The device has a sensor to track not only blood pressure but also pulse, temperature and many other body vitals. It has an SOS button.

The button, when pressed, can send an emergency signal to the nominated contacts and the support centre in case of a health emergency. In this way, the smart cane is a one-stop solution for many problems faced by seniors.

The walker designed by her has wheels. So, it is beneficial for those who have mobility issues. Besides, the device helps in many other things like opening doors, guiding them home using GPs technology, carrying groceries etc.

Users can sit or stand using the device. Besides, it also helps track health data. Shreya designed these smart devices user friendly.

Image Credit: Shreyathakkar Website Screenshot

Image Reference: https://shreyathakkar.com/wander-on

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