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ISRO’s solar app

ISRO’s solar app

IRSO has a new app that can be of help with the installation of solar panels in the home or in the office. This android app is called Solar Calculator, and aptly so.

Developed at the request of the Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, this application asserts if a certain particular geographic location is a good place to store solar panels.

The Solar Calculator provides both the monthly solar potential and the yearly solar potential of a certain region.

The calculator also suggests the precise angle at which the panel must be turned toward the sun in order to receive its maximum sunlight.

In order for one to access all of the information, one must either use the key in the geographical locations or otherwise use a GPS in order to find location.

It provides data in these three different formats: maps, graphs, and tables, as well as the maximum temperatures and minimum temperatures for each region.

For further use, the information of this can be downloaded in a PDF format. However, one has to have an internet connection for the Solar Calculator app to work.

The Solar Calculator is able to come to its conclusions by its processing of information and data from the Indian Geostationary Satellite, and in using the Digital Elevation Model, it will also be able to give an accurate prediction of the sunlight obstruction for it as well.

ISRO’s solar app

ISRO’s solar app


In order to be downloaded, one must go to the government site known as Vedas, short for the Visualization of Earth Observation Data and Archival System.

A user then has to go to the drop-down menu for Applications, and then click on the tab for New and Renewable energy.

After this, the user is then able to access and download the Solar Calculator app.

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