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Home cooked food for homeless people

Home cooked food for homeless people

Have you heard of this amazing initiative to help homeless people get nutritious food? A Facebook group called Food Bank – Chennai started a new way to help the homeless. The specialty is that they don’t collect leftovers to feed the homeless.

The idea is that when people are cooking at their home, they cook some extra food to serve people. The volunteers who cook just have to pack it and wait for the group to come and pick up the food. They deliver it to the homeless people in their locality. Volunteers are also encouraged to go and deliver the food to homeless directly.

The group was started by Sneha Mohandoss, a 23-year-old visual communication student. She says that the group is a place which connects people who want to help the homeless with home cooked, nutritious food.

She says that this like giving their extra food. Sneha explains that this is not food that is going to be wasted or unwanted, but rather fresh food cooked for the sake of helping homeless.

At present, the group has more than 2,000 members. Sneha says that the group is expanding with many people contributing to it in their own ways. She was inspired by her grandfather who used to do similar food distribution drives on different occasions. She says that she wants everyone to get a chance to take up the initiative in their own areas.

Anyone who is interested in participating in the food drive simply has to post on the group. The volunteer has to mention about the extra meals being prepared at their place and also mention the area they are in.

If there is another person conducting a drive in the area, the two are connected on the group. The person who is cooking can also find someone who can deliver the food.

Image Reference: Thebetterindia

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