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Green corridor saves a life

Green corridor saves a life

In order to transport a harvested heart, the traffic department in Mumbai created a green corridor. This method was used to help bring the heart of a Surat-based teenager for an emergency heart transplant surgery to a 43-year- old man at a hospital in Mulund in the district.

Using the green corridor, the heart from Surat reached the hospital where the operation was scheduled in just 1.15 hours covering a distance of 269 kms. Furthermore, because of the corridor the heart reached the hospital in less than half hour from the Mumbai airport. The heart transplant surgery was successfully carried out by the surgeons at the Fortis Hospital in Mulund on the patient from Alwar, Rajasthan who suffered from dilated cardiomyopathy.

The patient’s transplant became possible after a 17 year old boy was declared brain dead at Sunshine Global Hospital in Surat after a head injury in a road accident. The family of that boy consented to donating his organs to save lives of four deserving recipients. The heart, kidneys, and liver have been donated by the family.

Both the airport and traffic authorities of the two cities have come together to help the heart reach fast. They formed the green corridor between Surat and Mumbai to transport the heart.

A road map and flight map were set up fast and the donor heart left from Sunshine Global Hospital, Surat at 10.33 AM reaching Surat Airport at 10.38 AM according to an official statement.

The heart reached Mumbai Airport at 11.20 AM in a chartered flight. It set out from the airport in a stand-by ambulance at 11:31 AM. The green corridor from Domestic Airport (Gate No. 8) to Military Road-Santacruz- Chembur Link Road-Chedda Nagar to Eastern Express Highway-Airoli Junction and finally to Fortis Hospital has helped the transportation of the heart.

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