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Heart transplant after 47 years in Mumbai

Heart transplant after 47 years in Mumbai

After 47 years, Mumbai has witnessed its first successful heart on Monday. The transplant was done after a donated organ has flown in from Pune to a Mulund hospital. The last transplant was done in 1968 by Dr P K Sen at KEM Hospital in Parel. The patient who received the transplant was a 22 year old graphic designer from Mumbai. The heart belonged to a 42 year old woman from Pune who died of brain stroke.

At 2:38pm, the heart left Pune’s Jehangir Hospital and it was received by Mulund’s Fortis hospital in Mumbai by 4pm. The transplant operation was immediately started. In order to get the heart as fast as possible, it was brought to Pune’s airport in seven minutes. It reached Mumbai in half an hour by air ambulance. From the Santacruz airport, the heart reached the patient in Mulund Hospital in 18 minutes in a Fortis ambulance which was escorted by a Mumbai police jeep and motorcycle.

Heart transplants need to happen in four hours or sooner. In order to let it happen as fast as possible, the Mumbai city police used around 150 personnel and made a well-coordinated operation thereby creating the first green corridor in the city for a heart transplant. The operation was a success.

Image Credit: Ryaninuk / CC BY-SA 4.0

Image Reference: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Post_heart_transplant_chest_harefield_hospital_21_october_2018_3.jpg

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