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Two year old boy’s heart saves a Russian life

Gleb Kudriavtceva

Gleb Kudriavtceva, a two year old Russian child is the youngest patient to undergo a complicated heart transplant surgery and it has been made possible because of Bengaluru based couple who agreed to donate the organs of their two year old child who was brain dead.

Gleb was diagnosed with restrictive cardiomyopathy when he was just one year old. This is a condition where the heart loses its capacity to relax after each beat.

This causes a lot of lung pressure. Gleb’s mother Nelli searched every possible option to save her child. She went to Germany where the doctors refused to treat him because of high lung pressure.

She contacted doctors in US and India and after finding US treatment to be way too expensive, she arrived to Fortis Centre for Heart Failure & Transplant at Fortis Malar Hospital in Chennai.

After a wait of one month, the doctors found a suitable heart in Bengaluru. The heart was harvested immediately and transported to Chennai.

After a very delicate and complicated surgery, Baby Gleb received the heart successfully. Gleb’s mother Nelli stated that she is very grateful for this miracle that happened.

She stated she is very grateful to the doctors.

After a long struggle she is finally back to Russia and is happy with her family.

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