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Unique way that prevented people from jumping signals

Unique way that prevented people from jumping signals

The regional authorities of Nagpur have found a unique solution to prevent people from jumping signals.

Nagpur, which happens to be one of the hottest cities of India, is making it harder for people to commute from one place to another, especially with two wheelers.

This is causing a lot of commuters to be impatient. Hence, the local authorities have put up cool green shades to protect the riders at the traffic signals. This helps them avoid the harsh sun rays.

At almost all traffic signals, there are tarpaulin covers installed to provide shade to people. Although this initiative was started to help the commuters, it ended up being a gift to the authorities as well. It has been reported that the two wheeler riders are not breaking traffic signals as much anymore.

As many Indians know that breaking signals is quite common among traffic. However, the people of Nagpur are seeing much less of it these days. This is because most motorists now less of a problem waiting under the shades for a minute or two until the light turns green.

Nagpur has been suffering with high temperatures over 40 degrees Celsius. The initiative to put cool green shades is being happily welcomed by commuters. This is especially true in case of motorists who are directly exposed to harsh sun light.

Cutting signals has always been a prominent problem in India. However, the tarp covers seem to be providing drivers with more patience to obey the law and to bear the heat. With so much heat while being on the roads, the cool shade is actually being welcomed by many people.

Nagpur has been facing severe heat waves and it has already claimed a victim. This new initiative will hopefully help prevent some casualties while also helping the authorities control traffic better.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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