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ElectroShoe prevents rapes

ElectroShoe prevents rapes

Many people were shook by the incident of Nirbhaya in Delhi.

Not just youth, even adolescents took part in the campaigns that were held to support the victim’s family.

Though most of them stopped with protests, this 12 years boy (at the time of incident) did not stop with just protesting but had searched for a solution to prevent such incidents.

With his efforts and dedication he succeeded in finding a solution to prevent rapes.

He invented a device, an ElectroShoe which electrocutes the perpetrator and thus helps in preventing attacks on women.

It also sends alert messages to the family members of the victim and cops at the time of molestation.

The boy, who is a 17-year old now is Siddharth Mandala from Telangana. He invented the unique device called ElectroShoe.

The device contains a circuit board and it uses the footsteps to charge itself with the help of a concept piezoelectric effect.

It has a rechargeable battery to store the energy generated by the walk of the user. The user should walk more to generate more energy.

ElectroShoe prevents rapes

ElectroShoe prevents rapes

ElectroShoe has been designed by Siddharth. He used his physics knowledge and also learned some programs to work on the prototype of the intended product.

He also involved his friend Abhishek in this design. Furthermore, he had taken the help of several people on social media helped him like his mentors.

Designing and finishing ElectroShoe is not as easy as he initiates the task. The prototype of the product failed 17 times. He faced electrocution twice while experimenting and his friend had developed a nosebleed.

But, Siddharth did not step back. With his constant efforts for two years, he succeeded in developing the design. Now, ElectroShoe is waiting for patent.

Siddhart did not stop with designing the product. He started an NGO, Cognizance Welfare Initiative (CWI) to spread awareness on rape.


Image Reference: TheBetterIndia

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