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Nirbhaya case hearing to be conducted beyond working hours

Nirbhaya case hearing to be conducted beyond working hours

In order to make sure of speedy disposal of the Nirbhaya rape and murder case, a special bench of the Supreme Court worked two hours more than its general working time. The bench conducted the hearing plea of death convicts in the case. The case has been pending in the court for more than two years.

The trial court has given the verdict of death sentence to the four accused within nine months of the case. After that, the Delhi High Court took less than six months to conclude their hearing on the appeal of accused and also confirmed the sentence.

However, the proceedings in the Supreme Court were not as fast as them. The case has been in pending in the apex court since March 2014 after it gave a stay of execution of their death sentence.

The reason for such delay in Supreme Court was because of the special judge bench which had three judges who sit in different combinations. This made it hard for them to assemble for the hearing.

However, the delay has been acknowledged and a bench of Justices – Dipak Misra, C Nagappan and R Banumathi said that it would take up the case on each Monday and Friday after lunch from July 18 onwards.

It was announced that this bench would work up to 6 PM to make sure the case is finished. This is two hours beyond court’s normal working time.

The case has involved eight lawyers who will argue in the case. This includes two amicus curiae appointed by the court to defend the convicts. The parents of the victim were also allowed to argue in the case by the court.

All four of the death convicts are being defended by their lawyer. However, the Supreme Court appointed senior advocates Raju Ramachandaran and Sanjay Hegde to defend them.

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